Recruiters: Help and make money – now! with Special Guest Vee Maddox

Recruiters: Help and make money – now! with Special Guest Vee Maddox

ATTN Recruiters: Are you feeling overwhelmed by the number of job seekers asking for free advice & resume reviews. We understand! You DO have the answers and advice people so desperately need … but you don’t have time to help everyone 1:1 (AND feed your own family at the same time). So, what can you do? Turns out, you can do a lot of things! “Recruiting Rainmaker” Vee Maddox has found all sorts of creative ways to help thousands of job seekers AND keep her recruiting business running, and lucrative. When she started her free #GetHired Employment Community 11 years ago, she just wanted to help. Blessed bonus: it raised her reputation AND her bank account.

People desperately need your help, and we know you want to give it to them. Join Vee and Cat Breet for a fresh & honest conversation about the many ways you can use your gifts to get people back to work right now … while growing your brand and your business.

About Vee Maddox: Born and raised in Washington, D.C. the youngest of 5 children, Vanessa Maddox began her career in the information technology field in the 11th grade. Since then, she has evolved into a visionary advocate for women, servant leader and influencer. As a volunteer, Vanessa has served as a commissioner for the Town of Leesburg Commission on Technology & Communications and the Economic Development Commission. In 2017, Vanessa was elected (in a special election) as the first Black woman in the history of Leesburg, VA to sit on the Leesburg Town Council. She was the first Black woman in 259 years to be elected. Vanessa is an advisor to several non-¬‐profits and small businesses locally and around the country. She’s currently writing her first book/memoir entitled, The Politics of Nice: How a Catholic School Girl Navigated the Halls of Power.

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