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Honest, hard-hitting, and FUN!” 167,280 people at 1,086 even from South Africa to Minneapolis. 98% will recommend to friends.

NETWORKING You had me at “Hello!” (How to craft an unforgettable introduction)

“Holy sh** that was a great talk at the PSA yesterday morning! I sat with it all day yesterday and all this morning.”

— Dan Prosser, CEO


You had me at “Hello!” (How to craft an unforgettable introduction)

The first 10 seconds will make or break any conversation. Be someone they will never forget! This is not another “what to wear and how to smile” talk. Cat Breet dives deep into the heart of why most networking efforts flop, based on 20+ years of research and her own failed experiments in sales & recruiting. Join us for a fresh new look at how to turn handshakes into clients that will last a lifetime.

  • Get people to remember you & recommend you for years to come​
  • Answer the 2 burning questions every person has  (but will never ask) ​
  • Craft your own unforgettable introduction ​
  • Turn it into a bumper sticker (tell people what you do … in 10 seconds flat)​
  • Turn your next “Hello” into a “Whoa! I know some people you should meet!” ​

Stop combat fishing for clients: Build a referral stream.

Let your competitors go combat fishing for Sunnie’s in the same small pond. Cat Breet will teach you how to pick a niche that will take you blue marlin fishing in the Atlantic … hooking big ones every other cast. She is a master at helping people to identify their own perfect niche, then craft a pitch (unforgettable personal introduction) that will grab ‘em hook, line and sinker!

  • Identify your ideal customer​
  • Figure out where they swim​
  • Craft the perfect pitch to hook ‘em every time​
Cat Breet

26% year over year new revenue growth with her program (average over 10 years).

— Bradley Markwell, Financial Associate


How to use video to get new clients

We all know Zoom meetings and online videos are here to stay. The question is, do you know how to use video to woo new clients? Lucky for you, Cat Breet has been doing this since 2008. In this refreshing talk, she will teach you how to use video to attract, win and retain your ideal clients.

  • Pick your path (What’s the best way to use video in your business?)​
  • Master your path (Tips for success w/email videos, marketing videos and livestreams)​
  • Look your best (Gear, lighting, space and what to wear)​
  • Convert video views into leads into clients​

How to use LinkedIn Live for leads & differentiation

How would you like to reach thousands of prospects all at once, in a place your competitors can’t compete? LinkedIn Live offers that unique opportunity. Less than 1% of LinkedIn members are using this new feature. The ROI for the few who are using it are staggering: LinkedIn Livestreams deliver 70% more real-qualified leads than Facebook and Twitter at 28% lower cost per lead than Google AdWords (Foundation Inc). They deliver 24X greater real-time engagement with highly qualified prospects (LinkedIn) and 3X greater visitor-to-lead conversions (HubSpot). 91% of executives list LinkedIn as their #1 place to find high-quality content.  Are you ready to fill your pipeline with highly-qualified prospects who are ready to buy? If so, then Cat Breet is ready to show you how. She has done 174 LinkedIn Live shows since March of 2021.

  • Pick your path (what topics your ideal customer wants to know from you)​
  • Master your path (proven strategies for designing and delivering clear, compelling content)​
  • Look your best (Gear, lighting, space and what to wear)​
  • Convert livestream leads into clients​

How to toot your own horn without feeling like a jerk

Being good at what you do is important. Being KNOWN for that is PRICELESS! 

The trouble is, it’s really easy to get lost in the herd. Great news: with a few simple steps, Cat Breet will show you how to not only stand out from the herd, but also how to achieve more. JOIN US for an invigorating look at how to catch fire at work … and UNLEASH the remarkable you! There are plenty of voices in our lives telling us “No”… but the one that hurts us the most is the voice inside our own head. JOIN US + learn how to start telling yourself “Yes, you can!”

Mediocrity killed the cat. It will kill your career, too … if you let it.​

  • How to catch fire at work​
  • How to overcome the biggest barriers to success​
  • How to unleash your natural strengths​

Career Crunch

Work-life balance in the middle of the storm.

Working women are on the edge. An eye-popping 2.5 million women have left the workforce since the Pandemic started (BLS). 1 in 4 more are considering scaling back or quitting (McKinsey). Millions are asking questions like “Should I stay? Should I go? Is there something in the middle?” This inspiring keynote delivers easy, proven strategies women can use to figure out what the next best steps are in their lives around career and finances.​

There is HOPE, and there is HELP. Before you quit, know this: There IS hope, and you DO have choices! Cat Breet, one of the world’s leading voices on women & work, has helped over 149,000 women from Minneapolis to Pretoria, South Africa figure out the next best steps … for their families and their careers. With over 22 years of recruiting, consulting & leadership experience, Cat Breet knows what it takes to get more money, flexibility & fun out of work … all while putting your family first. Because she’s done it. 15 years ago, she turned down a promotion and quit a great job to start her own business and care for  two babies and a dying mother. What she teaches works. She packs a lifetime of lessons into easy, bite-sized steps … and a bucket full of inspiration.  ​

  • Gain clarity about your choices​
  • Rank your life priorities​
  • Simplify and let go ​
  • Release the guilt and say “No” with confidence​
  • Develop a “Phone a friend” list​
  • Commit to your next steps plan​
  • Establish a self-care routine to release the stress​
Cat Breet

So emotional. This was awesome!

— Verda S., Volunteer

Cat Breet “… gave me the inspiration, tools and confidence to make my career dreams a reality. I am not only exceedingly happy in my new role, but I also get to help others to find their place in this world.

— G. Redelinghuys, South Africa


How to make more money, freedom & fun out of work

A better life begins with a better career. In fact, Gallup research shows that when you’re happy at work, you will be 41% healthier and 2x happier in every other aspect of your life! ​

What would your life look like if you could get more freedom, money & fun out of work? If you no longer dreaded Monday mornings? If you found work that matters? If you dared to chase your dreams and do what you love for a living? You CAN find work that will bring you all of that!  Are you ready? Chief Stripe Changer Cat Breet is the perfect person to show you how to get there … step by step. Over 23 years, she has helped 167,000 people all over the world how to …​

  • Define their dreams​
  • Pick the path of least resistance​
  • Remove their biggest barriers to success​