How to set a SMART GOAL for 2021 with Steve Gamlin

How to set a SMART GOAL for 2021 with Steve Gamlin

“Setting a smart goal for 2021 is gonna be easy & fun!” said no-one. Ever. Until Steve Gamlin hit the scene.

Quick! Before you pick your new year’s resolution, listen to what Steve Gamlin has to say about how to set goals you can actually achieve. His vision board for business program has lit a fire in the belly for thousands. He helps people set bite-sized goals they can get excited about … and actually reach. After a tough divorce and quitting his job cold, he was really ready to give it all up. One fateful day in a lightning storm on a golf course changed it all … and he started dreaming about the life he could have if he was just willing to go out and get it.

Steve brings back-to-basics positivity and humor to goal-setting for corporate and conference audiences. He is a lotta fun, but he’s no joke when it comes to guiding people through an exercise to see, set and achieve the results they need and want at work and home. On 12/8, he’ll be dropping by Cat Breet’s New World of Work show to take YOU through his vision board exercise. We all have the tools to rise from the ashes of heartbreak and failure, but it sure is easier if we can bum a light every now and then along the way. Steve will reignite your fire and show you the shortest distance between where you are today, and where you hope to be next year.

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