High heels not required for success!

High heels not required for success!

Pssst! Your limiting beliefs are hurting more than your feet.

Deep into my thirties, I really believed that it took a nice dark suit & a pair of heels to be successful. This belief ran deep: if I bumped into a client in my paint clothes at Home Depot on a Saturday, I would panic … because I didn’t feel capable, confident, or worthy unless I was “dressed to the nines.”

So, I wore heels and a suit … even though it hurt.

Then one day my feet fought back: I was forced to go for an entire year without wearing high heels. I was stunned & mortified by how insecure I felt in flats. It was ridiculous!

Or, was it? In some cases, there really are policies requiring high heels. That’s what Yumi Ishikawa was battling when she launched the #KuToo movement with just one tweet against the high heel work policy in Japan.

But what about the days when there ARE no policies … and we are simply limiting ourselves?

Limiting beliefs prevent us from doing things we really want … like asking for a raise, going for that dream job, starting our own business … or even leaving a bad relationship.

What are YOUR limiting beliefs? And how are they holding you back? Let’s talk about it.

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