Peer power

Peer power

Lani Basa DARED TO walk away from a lucrative career to try something new … just as the stock market was crashing, she had built a new house, and invited her parents to move in with her. Yowzah! Well, it all paid off. 11 years later, she loves what she does for a living. And, so do all the female entrepreneurs she is helping. Join us for an open and honest talk about the ah-hah moments, as well as some of her toughest days (like telling her husband and friends she wanted to jump off the gravy train of her highly successful career). Plus, she’ll share some of her best-kept secrets about how to make peer power work in your life. Lani has always been a champion for women’s career growth. She spent 22 years in HR leadership and intrapreneurial roles. And then one day, it hit her: climbing the corporate ladder had stopped being fun. That’s when she found the courage to jump off the train and chart her own path.

Lani is CEO at The BWC® (Business Women’s Circle). She helps female entrepreneurs get their businesses to the $1M mark. The peer power in the BWC is so strong, many never want to leave (one member has gotten her business up to the $15M mark and still doesn’t want to leave).

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