Bus stop mamas

Bus stop mamas

Mary Kay Ziniwicz DARED TO talk about babies at work … and how hard it is to juggle full-time work while raising kids. Hungry for flexibility, she eventually jumped off the corporate ladder to create her own as a business owner. Standing at the bus stop one day, she looked around and realized that many of the moms had stopped working entirely. Talk about untapped talent! Many of them wanted to work, but didn’t know how to find flexible jobs. Bus Stop Mamas was born!

Bus Stop Mamas connects moms and dads with work that meets the family schedule. Temporary. Part-time. Full-time. Since launching in 2019, they’ve helped over 2,500 parents find flexible work. How cool is that?

Mary Kay is dropping by the more money, freedom & fun show with host Cat Breet on Tuesday 3/2 to talk about it. She is an internationally recognized thought leader with extensive experience in advertising, branding, integrated marketing, and promotions. Her integrated marketing strategies have resulted in many awards and honors, as well as consistent double-digit returns in clients’ profits.

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