Taxing on Taxes Together with Lisa Niser

Taxing on Taxes Together with Lisa Niser

Are you responsible for your personal or business taxes? Want to maximize your tax advantages, and avoid a pesky audit? Lisa Niser will help you do both! For 25 years, she’s been helping individuals and small business owners navigate taxes and make informed financial decisions. 2020 taxes are a little squirrely. Lucky for us, Lisa is dropping by Cat Breet’s More Money, Freedom & Fun show on 2/25 to answer questions like …

• When are taxes due?
• Is my stimulus money taxable?
• I just started my own business. How do I pay my taxes? What can I deduct? Do I need to pay quarterly taxes?
• I took unemployment money last year. How will that affect my taxes?
• I took a PPP loan, and it’s forgiven. Is that taxable?
• I worked from home all year. Can I deduct my home office as a full-time employee?
• Any changes to capital gains taxes?
• What else do I need to know to prepare for 2020 taxes?
Join us live and let her take the scary out of YOUR taxes.

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