Fired is another word for career magic with Andrea Koppel

Yes, there is life on the other side of a devastating job loss.

At 43, Andrea Koppel was living a life many people can only dream about. She had been an award-winning journalist for 20 years, the last fourteen of them as an on-air correspondent for CNN in Tokyo and Beijing, as well as at the State Department and on Capitol Hill. She had lived all over the world, as well as interviewed (and even travelled with) some of the most powerful world leaders.

At home, she was happily married with a beautiful baby boy. And then a new boss came to town, and her entire world came crashing down. She was fired.

Andrea dared not only pull herself together again, but she dared to push herself into industries she knew nothing about … and that has made all the difference.

She began a brand-new career as senior vice president of communications at a cause-oriented public affairs firm. At first, it was a fabulous move for her.

Two years later, she was fired again.

When she speaks about that time in her life now, she shares: “it was humiliating and demoralizing, but that’s not surprising. … however, in both instances, I quickly realized that getting fired had been an unexpected and extraordinary gift. One for which I’ll be eternally grateful.”

Grateful for being fired? Do you find that shocking? Then you won’t want to miss my chat with Andrea on the Planet Work show on March 24th at 9/8c!

Andrea has, indeed, turned lemons into lemonade. Since that painful time in her life, she has …

  • Created and started hosting a podcast.
  • Become a career coach for college and uni students.
  • Created a course and started coaching over Zoom.
  • Launched a digital course at the UMD.

Today, she is an EdTech entrepreneur and having a blast helping college students let go of all the crazy pressure and learn to trust their intuition.

Join us! And bring your friends. I’m confident Andrea will deliver a bucket full of advice and inspiration nobody should miss!

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