Lead like a mother!

Lead like a mother!

What can parenting teach an award-winning business leader about gaining even more success at work? Turns out, a lot! Join Cat Breet and CEO/Owner of Fame, Lynne Robertson to discuss the 3 R’s: Repression, Resilience, and Resolve.

Lynne had already orchestrated hundreds of successful national campaigns for many top-shelf brands including Target, Dreamworks, IMG, General Mills, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. One day, she used her badass parenting skills to herd some cats in the office, and it worked! Struck by how similar parenting and professional challenges can be, she founded Lead Like a Mother (leadlikeamother.com). Today, this business management philosophy and advice platform provides oodles of sharables, from diffusing a 5-alarm toddler inferno to containing a similarly combustible boss blowup.

At work, Lynne has won countless awards, and been the featured retail expert on Deluxe Corporation’s Small Business Revolution (smallbusinessrevolution.org) with Amanda Brinkman + guest hosts Robert Herjavec and Ty Pennington. At home, she is the proud mom of 3 amazing (almost fully) grown children.

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