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Permission to Fall Apart with Karen Doll

Permission to Fall Apart with Karen Doll

PERMISSION TO FALL APART: What to do on those terrible, horrible, no-good, get-me-outta-here days” at work.

Remember the JetBlue flight attendant who grabbed a beer, popped the chute and quit his job by sailing down the inflatable ramp? I sure do! I once was a flight attendant. Lucky for me, I quit b4 things got that bad for me.

Why was I able to spot my burnout and quit before I made a bad decision, but Steven wasn’t? If I could do it at 22, why didn’t I spot it 10 yrs later, when it REALLY mattered? People everywhere are on the brink of burnout. Lucky for us, psychologist & corporate mental wellness expert Karen Doll is dropping by #PlanetWork to talk about:

The signs: How to know when you’re on the brink

  • Why high achievers are at higher risk than normal right now.
  • How to catch yourself BEFORE you pop the chute.
  • Intervention: Why a gratitude journal ain’t cuttin’ it for most.
  • How to build psychological fitness in the middle of the storm.

If you’re functioning, but foggy … and feel like you’re just not getting it all done, know this: you’re not nuts. The strain you’re feeling is real, and it’s justified. Drop by the show for some answers and inspiration.

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