Thinking about a career pivot?

Thinking about a career pivot?

Networking + personal branding = success!

Are you dreaming about making a change in your career? But you’re worried that now isn’t the right time (Pandemic and all …)? It just might be the perfect time for you! Join us live on 2/18 at 9/8c to hear how to figure it out.

Talk about a reinvention! Lenny Newman had a highly successful career as a CFO (Chief Financial Officer), working for some of the most admired brands in the world (like Arthur Andersen and PepsiCo). A COVID-induced lay off gave him the wings and the courage to finally make a major career change – and he is loving the new career focus. Becoming an Interim CFO was the easy choice, but he chose instead to dig deep, uncover his greatest strengths and fun at work, then picked an entirely new focus.

Want to learn how he did it? Tune in to Cat Breet’s More Money, Freedom & Fun show on Thursday 2/18 at 9/8c!

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