Working moms & business startup: Pipe dream … or possible?

Working moms & business startup: Pipe dream … or possible?

Does “family first” feel like “career never?” Starting your own business might be just what you need to get the flexibility, freedom & money you need. Join Cat Breet & Alice Heiman for a fresh & honest conversation about what it really takes to grow a successful business.

23 years ago, Alice DARED to quit her job, buy a house, divorce her husband AND start a new business … all in the same year. Through it all, she learned how to not only survive, but how to THRIVE. She is brave. She is resilient. And she can’t wait to share her best tips with you. On Cat’s 3/18 live show, they’ll talk about:

  • Little known secrets to success
  • How she survived the tough times
  • How to sell like a pro VIRTUALLY or in any situation
  • PLUS: How daring to do scary things in life can prep you for success at work (just ask her about the Class 6 rapids in Patagonia)

Alice Heiman was named #1 Best Sales Blogger, #2 of the Most Dynamic Women in Sales and one of the 15 Top Sales Influencers to follow in 2020.

Catch us live! 3/18

Thanks to our sponsor! Minnesota Job Partners

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