How to sell yourself on LinkedIn (without looking creepy or desperate)

How to sell yourself on LinkedIn (without looking creepy or desperate)

Tired of sending messages on LinkedIn, only to hear nothing back? Disappointed that more people aren’t more people reaching out asking to connect with you? Trying to post more and get more visibility … but afraid of looking cocky or desperate? This is the show for you!

I’ve spent the past 15 years using LinkedIn daily to hire, sell, and build a global network of connections … and I’ve trained thousands of others how to do the same. There are some quick & easy fixes for your LinkedIn struggles! Join me live on 2/11 and I will share:

  • Why your current LinkedIn profile is costing you thousands of dollars in lost revenue and/or income (and how you can fix it)
  • How to write an “About” section that gets everyone fighting to meet with you. Not just connect with you … but actually meet you!
  • 10 essential elements to a profile that works
  • 3 proven techniques to write an engaging profile that will make your next client or manager drop everything to call you right away (yes, this really happens!)
  • How to promote yourself and/or your business tactfully on LinkedIn … without looking or sounding desperate or sleazy.

If LinkedIn hasn’t been bringing you what you need, then it’s time for a fresh approach.

P.S. Everyone who attends will get my LinkedIn for the Busy Professional eBook – for FREE! ($20 value)

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