Money! Negotiate for what you’re worth!

Money! Negotiate for what you’re worth!

At 24, I found out I was getting paid 25% less than my coworkers. Devastated, I had two choices: stay mad and quit, or do something about. Thank goodness I chose to stay and do something about it! Two years later, I had been promoted, TRIPLED my income and even gotten stock options and 6 weeks of paid vacation. Want to know how? Join me for this live show! After 22 years of recruiting, sales and consulting, I know all the dirty little secrets about who gets paid top dollar and why. I can’t wait to share those, and my 6 steps to finally getting paid what you’re worth. – Cat Breet

This show is perfect for freelancers + consultants(I sold consulting services for 12 years), job seekers (I’ve helped over 167,000!) … and anyone who has a sneaky suspicion they are underpaid right now. Pssst! If you think you are, you probably are!

P.S. Everyone who joins the conversation will get my market research guide “Are you underpaid?” for free!

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