Money & Success are NOT dirty words! With Cindy Novotny

Money & Success are NOT dirty words! With Cindy Novotny

If a farm girl from Iowa can make it big, you can too! An icon in the global hospitality industry, Cindy Novotny (Founder MCA) is living the life of her dreams: multiple homes, a successful restaurant, a working farm in Iowa AND a multi-million dollar business. A trailblazer and a globe-trotter, Cindy has become a “radical mentor” for thousands of executives around the world. Oh, and by the way … she did all this while being a mom and wife! She’s dropping by Cat Breet’s LinkedIn Live show on 4/8 at 9am ET | 6am PT to talk about how she does it all … all while having a ton of fun.

Cindy believes that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US can “make it big” if we’re willing to focus, hustle and have fun along the way. Oh yeah … and one more thing: we have GOT to get over our fear of money! Fear of asking for it, actually earning it and even spending it guilt-free.

Feel like work-life balance is a pipe dream? Join us on 4/8, then pick up Cindy’s book Living with No Balance… and Loving It!: A Simple Guide to Thriving in a Real World of Life and Work.

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