Give more to get more with Rick Fox

Give more to get more with Rick Fox

GIVE MORE TO GET MORE. Want more fun out of work? Share your talents with others. Become a mentor. Want a new job? Do some strategic volunteering. It’s good for your health, and it’s good for your career. Recruiter Rick Fox is dropping by Cat Breet’s LinkedIn Live show Tuesday 4/5 at 8am CT to talk about why he liked candidates who mentor, volunteer, and “give it away.” Volunteering will give you …

Better health: Sleep better + lower risk of blood pressure by 40% (2013 Health & Retirement study). Reduce chronic illness by 29% (UnitedHealth Group study). Boosts happiness by 16% (London School of Economics).

Better success: Sharing your talents with others at work (thru mentoring, offering to solve problems outside your job duties, etc.) is great way to increase your value, reputation, and chances of getting promoted.

Faster job search success: Get hired 27% faster! ( study) 20% of hiring managers confessed to hiring because of volunteer experience (LinkedIn survey). 76% of HR execs agree that volunteering gives a candidate a competitive edge (Deloitte Volunteer Impact Survey).

Q: How has volunteering helped YOU in your life and career? Join us live. Let’s talk!

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