You can’t take it with you. Now what? With Carole Burton

You can’t take it with you. Now what? With Carole Burton

Work-related anxiety is off the charts. 6 simple steps will help you get it under control.

“What used to be is dead and it is never coming back.” – Great-grandma Eva Mae Keyes

Feel like your entire world got blown up? It did. Hope it will all settle back to how it used to be in 2021? It won’t. So the only question left to ask is this: what are you going to do about it? Lucky for us, Carole Burton is dropping by to share her fabulous Adapting Toolkit! From executive boardrooms to middle management strategy sessions to living rooms at home, Carole has been giving people the tools they need to adapt. All. Day. Long. Join us for her refreshing look at bite-sized strategies you can use to not just survive … but actually thrive in the coming weeks and months.

Carole Burton is known as the Professional Development go-to resource for tough conversations around equity and adaptability in the workplace to organizational leaders across the country. Carole is the Founder and Facilitator of Radiance Resources and podcast host of Radiance Real Talk. Carole partners and guides mission-focused leaders to retain their people. She helps them engage their next-gen leaders and mid-level managers, mentor high potential talent, create meaningful, lasting change, improve company culture, and deliver real ROI for each leader. Carole resides in the Minneapolis – St. Paul MN area, where she is active throughout the community with her family.


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