Stress, anxiety & grief: Hope & healing from the front lines With Dr. Kellie Lease Stecher

Stress, anxiety & grief: Hope & healing from the front lines With Dr. Kellie Lease Stecher

All around the world, every single person is dealing with grief, worry, and fear. Grief comes in many flavors: death of a loved one, for sure … but also loss of a job, income, and a predictable future. Our bodies are built to handle short-term stress (like being attacked by a lion). But long-term, pounding stress like we’ve all been going through for the past year? Toxic. Left unchecked, it will lead to serious medical problems in almost every bodily system (cardiovascular, immune, digestive, and brain).

With none of our traditional safe places to work through the strain (hugs from loved ones, support groups, funerals), most are suffering silently – and alone.
Working full-time through the Pandemic, Dr. Kellie Lease Stecher is seeing the crippling effects first-hand.

Your mind, heart, and body need your help, and Dr. Stecher will tell you where to find it. She will share:

  • What happens to our bodies – medically – when they endure prolonged stress, anxiety & grief.
  • How to recognize your tipping point (psst! It isn’t always easy to spot … especially if you’re a high achiever!)
  • Coping strategies that work
  • Where to go for help right now
  • How to pick the right doctor for you
    About Dr. Kellie Stecher: OBGYN, author, educator, and consultant. She is working to change the culture of medicine and she is a staunch advocate for gender and healthcare equity. She is Cofounder & President of Patient Care Heroes. Member of the COVID-19 physician memorial group. My favorite thing about her? She is a fighter for the underdog … an advocate for justice, and doing what’s right. My dad would have loved her.

Fun fact … she loves to write and listen to jazz music. 🤷🏻‍♀‍ Oh! And she has a book coming out soon.

Sounds busy? She is! She is also the proud mom of two kids ages 5 + 7. WOW.

Comments – Let’s talk! What has been your most effective way to cope over the past year?

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